Co-op Student - William

Last week, as a student from Elgin Park Secondary, I came to barber for a one-week work placement through my school’s co-op program. The week I spent at barber was an absolutely amazing experience.

All of Barber’s staff members were super helpful, always finding time in their day to come show me something or talk to me about what their job looked like. Despite how busy their days were they would always find something for me to do, so there was never a dull moment.

During my placement I learned so much about the prosthetics industry, an experience that books and research could never match. Thank you so much Barber, you really gave me a leg up in my career!

New Patient Communication Software

What is this new software and how does it benefit you as a patient here at Barber Prosthetics Clinic?

Barber Prosthetics Clinic has started to use a new software operating system to assist us with scheduling and reminding you of your appointments.   Once we book your appointment you will be emailed an appointment time/date or if you have a mobile phone you will receive a text. Our new patient communication software will also send you a reminder a couple of days prior to your appointment.  You can easily confirm your appointment by responding to the text or email.

Patients enjoy the flexibility of being able to communicate when they are on the go. The preferred method of communication for most is through text messages and emails.  For our patients who prefer to speak directly to someone here at Barber Prosthetics Clinic that will always be available with a simple dial of our phone number 604-321-1115 for your requests, we are always happy to speak with you.  It is important to Barber Prosthetics Clinic to be able to connect with our patients in their preferred way.

You will receive a HIPPA consent text/email asking for your permission that we communicate in this manner.  If you could kindly respond CONSENT then we can continue to communicate through TEXT/EMAIL.

(HIPAA in a Nutshell)

Enacted in 1996, HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. HIPAA provides rules around uses and disclosures to keep protected health information (PHI) private. What is PHI?

The HIPAA Privacy Rule defines PHI as “individually identifiable information transmitted or maintained in any form or medium by a covered entity or a business associate.” Wow. That’s a mouthful. 

 HIPAA regulates:

  • How and when to disclose PHI
  • Ways you have to protect PHI
  • Patient rights to access their own information

Newsletters from Barber Prosthetics Clinic

Barber Prosthetics Clinic sends out newsletters periodically throughout the year.  We will be using our new software soon to send out newsletters to you so that you are updated on what is happening at Barber Prosthetics Clinic.  Be sure to check out our BLOG section of our website and follow us on Instragram, Twitter and Facebook.