Barber-Que 2016

It’s that time again – school is starting up and BCIT has a fresh batch of students in the Prosthetics and Orthotics program.  As an introduction to the profession each year, we host the biennial Barber-Que. It is a chance to welcome our future colleagues to this exciting profession and begin to get to know people who we will likely work with for decades ahead!  One of my favourite parts of the Barber-Que is getting to hear about what drew students into the world of P&O and what aspect of them excites them.  From the optimization and advancement of sports prostheses to the psychological implications of the practitioner-patient relationship, I am always both intrigued and fascinated by what they are captivated by.

This was also a sad event as we said goodbye to our wonderful summer intern.  Judith spent the summer here with us from Germany, learning about the world of prosthetics and helping us advance several of our patient-care initiatives. In particular, Judith spent time developing a protocol to measure the function of people with upper extremity amputations so that we can better determine if our treatment is helping them achieve their goals.  We are sad to see Judith leave, but are excited to see her change the world of prosthetics in Germany!