Judith's Farewell

Now it’s my time to describe 2.5 months. How am I supposed to do that ?! I did so many different things and gained so many new experiences but I will do my best to give you a glimpse on how 2 months can go by so quickly. I am Judith, a prosthetics and orthotics student from Germany who came to Canada to do an internship at Barber. Why did I want to go there when I could go to any place around the world ? Well, it was simple, the combination of research and patient-centred care is interesting. So, when I got there I met an amazing team with heads full of new ideas and commitment to achieving them. I dived into outcome measures and how they could be used to improved patient care and to motivate patients - a topic I never spend too much time thinking about. I spend my time on figuring out what outcome measures are useful for people who use upper extremity prostheses . Besides that,  I got all ‘german’ about grinding pads trying to make the perfect one, I am not quite there yet but Dave one day I’m gonna come back and show you the one.  Another part of my internship was the clinical aspect. Meeting patients, fitting the prosthesis and striving for excellence for every single patient in every appointment. Thank you for everyone who shared their stories with me and allowing me to be a part of their prosthetic team. Furthermore, I got a glimpse on the manufacturing work of the prosthesis: pouring up casts, bench alignments, pulling plastic and switching feet.

It’s an amazing feeling, broadening your horizon.   So if you are thinking about going somewhere you ever want to go-just go for it. That’s the reason why I spend this awesome summer !!

Thanks Team Barber, for this amazing time! 

Thanks, Leslie for being such a great person and for showing me how the healthcare system in Canada works.

Thanks, Angie, the backbone of Barber, dealing with all the numbers and bills and my german part of the team!

Thanks, Brittany for letting me shadowing you  and explaining me everything ! If one person is ever going to be like an octopus with doing so many things at a time is going to be you !

Thanks Loren ! It was a pleasure to meet you and watching you striving for excellence with every prosthesis no matter what time and effort it would take!

Thanks Malena, my powerpoint buddy ! Thanks for letting me sticking around with you, helping you order parts and showing me Canada and Vancouver by doing all the hikes.

Thanks Dave, for all the input for my mind, the inspirations and the technical tricks!

Thanks Darryl, the older brother I never wanted ;) Thanks for taking the time explaining and showing me all the technical stuff ! One day, I’m going to come by and borrow your workout vest!

Thanks, Alyson, the only person I know who would get every single of Dave’s movie quotes. I have seriously no idea how that’s possible but that’s amazing! Thanks for showing me the technical stuff and answering all my questions as well.

Thanks to all the patients who shared their story with me !