Movember 2016

Each November the Barber Prosthetics Team gets together to raise funds and awareness for a cause near and dear to our hearts, Movember. You may have noticed more moustaches than normal every November, and this is why. Starting with 30 “bros” down in Australia seeing if they could bring back the moustache to now over 5 MILLION Mo Bros and Mo Sistas since 2003, this cause is now a movement that has raised $759 million (not including 2016) to date for Men’s Health.

And this year we at Barber have managed our largest total yet, $3,710.00 fundraised! Great job Prosthetic Mos! We almost DOUBLED what we raised last year! And a special thank you to all you legends who put the money down for the great cause that is Movember.

To add to our total we take to the bowling lanes every Thursday evening to put the fun in fundraising and, as always, our Barber Bowling was a great success. We are so happy to say that we had 34 different bowlers participate over the four Thursdays with a total of 872 gutterballs that raised $218.00, remember each gutterball is worth $0.25, and we get very creative with our technique on the last string! Even the small donations make a big impact. You can see we aren't the best bowlers, but it actually works in our favour as all that poor form makes our fundraising piggy bank nice and fat! Overall our bowling nights brought in $1,089.00, and THAT is something. Our last week saw a big push in donations at bowling and online and it shows! We were part of a Network on the Movember website called the Movember Master Groomers, and out of 38 teams we came FIRST! AND our own Angela Moe, out of 105 individuals, came THIRD with the amount of donations she brought in, just falling short of second place by three dollars. Congratulations Ang! We had so much fun raising money for this very important cause this year, we even decided we wanted to look as official as possible so we had our own bowling shirts custom made!
And we want to keep having fun, so please remember to keep yourselves healthy, happy and get that annual checkup from your doctor. If something feels off don't ignore it and hope it gets better, it's okay to go get checked out. 

Avoidance is common in men aged 20-40 and those in this range are TWICE as likely as women to pass away from any cause. Feeling fine is not the same as feeling healthy. You can feel fine with high blood pressure, cholesterol or blood sugar so go see your doctor and stay fit. Plus, you're pretty cool and we want you around as long as possible (

Thank you to the ladies at Holy Family, the P&O Students at BCIT, the generous donators to our Movember team webpage, and all the bowlers who came out, had fun, and paid the pig!

So cheers and a big thanks to our Mo-Bros and Mo-Sistas, keep doing what you're doing.