Amputee Coalition of America 2017

David and Malena flew to Louisville, Kentucky in August to take part in the Amputee Coalition of America National Conference. With over 1500 delegates, the conference was a dynamic mix of patients, clinicians and manufacturers. And wow, what a great experience! There was a wealth of experience, tricks and tips offered from patients to patients focusing on amputees’ concerns and interests.

Within the conference program, health care experts hosted events such as gait clinics, sessions with focus on different levels of limb loss and technology sessions. The exhibit hall showcased a number of newer technologies and products as well as the opportunity for amputees to interface with organizations that work for and with amputees.

During the last day of the conference, David and Malena presented on the benefits that patients at Barber Prosthetics Clinic have experienced and expressed and that we have seen while using data to inform their care.

Thank you all for the opportunity to take part in such a wonderful event! We hope to be back in the future!