Japan-Langara Students

This month we had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with a group of Japanese health care students completing an exchange at Langara University. They came to visit us at Barber Prosthetics for a tour of our facility, and an introduction to digital shape capture and 3D printing. As students of nursing, physical, occupational and athletic therapy, among other professions, they were very curious about prosthetics, how they work and how they are made.

By the end of the afternoon, the students walked away with new knowledge, a mini 3D printed prosthetic socket, and a mirror ball to remember Barber and share their experiences in
Vancouver with their peers back in Japan.

A few of the students gave us feedback afterward:

Barber Prosthetic Clinic was my favourite visit!
For rehabilitation students, it’s so useful!
It was very interesting, because I have never seen the scene of medical like making artificial
Barber Prosthetic Clinic, because I want to be a Physical Therapist, so I thought to have seen
the prosthetic is valuable for me.

From the Team at Barber, best of luck to all the students as they continue their learning and careers in rehabilitation!