Introducing Chica

In May 2017 we added a new staff member to our Barber Prosthetics Team.  She is shorter and furrier than the rest of us but still has the same enthusiasm and happy smile that the Barber Prosthetics team share in common. If you haven’t already met her, I would love to take this opportunity to introduce you to Chica.


Chica has been working at Barber Prosthetics Clinic as our official “Greeter” since May 2017 (when she was only 10 weeks old). With a friendly hello (bark) she will want to bring you one of her favorite toys to play toss/fetch with her. She definitely is a hit with our young patients who seem to share the same amount of energy (Chica also knows she can get flavoured (candy, chips, pop) licks off of their faces). YUM YUM for Chica.

While you are here for your appointment please feel free to pet Chica, toss a toy for Chica, even ask Leslie to open her TREAT drawer and Chica will show you she can sit like a lady to receive her milkbone cookie. If you would like, Leslie can even give you the cookie so that you can have Chica sit for you for a treat.

You might find her walking her rounds here at Barber Prosthetics Clinic. Chica likes to be on the go. She will often be found scoping out the back technical area and then back up promptly to the reception area to see where the rest of her pack (the Barber team) is. She also likes to see who is coming in for their next appointment so she can give you a proper Barber Prosthetics greeting (Hello/bark). You might even see her smiling, don’t worry when she shows you her pearly whites it’s just her way of smiling with her full teeth to you so that you can see how happy she really is.  Chica is now just over 16 months old. Time flies!

There will be moments while you are here for your appointment that Chica finally runs out of steam and needs to take a quick CAT but really DOG nap. This is so she can re-energize for the next appointments so her greeting duties are on-point.

We do have a sign posted about Chica being on premise. If you are not a big fan of dogs or animals in general please let us know. Chica doesn’t mind taking a nap or chewing her favorite bone in a private room where we can close the door.

Of course we are all in love with Chica here at Barber Prosthetics Clinic and we hope you love her just as much as we do. One thing is for sure--- She loves you!!!


2018 Emerging Technologies Conference

Barber Prosthetics Emerging Technologies Conference in Whistler

Brittany Pousett, Barber Prosthetics’ Research Prosthetist, had the honour of attending an “Advanced Prosthetics & Soft Robotics” workshop at the 2018 Emerging Technologies Conference held in Whistler earlier in May.  This workshop, put together by the Bionics@UBC ICICS Research Cluster, was organized by John Madden, Karen Cheung, Konrad Walus & Adam Fraser and brought together collaborators from all over the world. ICICS, the Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems, created the Bionics@UBC Research Cluster to encourage interdisciplinary collaboration in 3D printing, soft robotics and bio-integration in order to create the bionic prostheses of the future.    


The workshop began with presentations from researchers all over the world presenting their work on prosthetic control systems, sensory feedback, soft robotics, neuroprostheses and bioprinting (the printing material that imitates biological tissue).  In the afternoon, Bionics@UBC facilitated an international interdisciplinary discussion on the opportunities and challenges surrounding designing the prostheses of the future. It was an excellent day filled with many fascinating conversations as we envisioned how each of our unique expertise can together create the future of prosthetics. We look forward to seeing what collaborations come out of this workshop and ultimately how these developments will impact the care we provide to our patients.  

Click here ( for more information on Bionics@UBC.