“In our five-year relationship with Barber Prosthetics, we have received top-notch care. Dave has a natural, humorous and approachable style and makes an instant connection with his patients. He possesses a unique ability to read people and respond in the manner that most easily facilitates open communication. 

Ethan adores Dave and thinks he’s hilarious, but more importantly, my son trusts him. Dave is sensitive to Ethan’s (and my) worries and wishes, and is always up to date on the latest developments in the O&P world. 

Even though we have qualified prosthetists on the Island, we travel from Victoria to Vancouver to see Dave, because the relationship he has built with Ethan is so special. He is well-regarded in the professional prosthetics community, too. Over time we have come to know the other staff as well. Everyone at Barber Prosthetics is helpful, cheerful and exceptionally skilled at what they do. We look forward to many more years in partnership with Barber Prosthetics.”

— Ethan's Mom