“Born without his fibulas (bilateral fibula hemimelia) on January 4th, 2007, my son Matteo now stands tall at nine years old. And in these short nine years, this young man has accomplished a lot! At the age of one, his feet were amputated and in only seven short months this boy was up and walking. A man on a mission, some would say. We found Barber Prosthetics Clinic early in Matteo’s journey, and we couldn’t be happier with his impressive and inspiring progress since then. Feeling at home in the clinic allows Matteo to be comfortable and more importantly, remain encouraged to continue to strive to conquer new challenges. 

With his speedy growth, Barber Prosthetics needs to constantly adjust and provide new devices to meet Matteo’s developing needs. Being a very active young man, he comes with many demands. Barber Prosthetics has been more than happy to accept the challenges and help him succeed in whatever it is that he wants to try.

He loves swimming—which he does with his specially designed swim legs, and his favorite sport of all, sledge hockey! Using his custom sled funded by the War Amps CHAMPS program, he has fallen in love with the sport. Matteo has been playing sledge hockey for four years now and recently competed in a tournament! In addition, Matteo has a pair of specially designed running legs that he often uses to participate in his school PE activities and in track. Volleyball is also becoming a favourite sport and of course his newest love, skateboarding!

Matteo is unstoppable and ready to take on as many new challenges as he can find. We are so grateful for the continued support Barber Prosthetics Clinic provides... and Matteo continues to keep them on their toes!”

—Matteo's Mom